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South America, delicious food, huge country, Tango…

Situated in South America, Argentina’s 2,766,890 km˛ extend between the Andes Mountain Chain and the Atlantic Ocean. Its climate is temperate with many contrasts, from a tropical wet northern region to a sub polar south in the Patagonian region, through a Mediterranean climate around the Andes, dry in the West and wet in the East.

Argentina is divided into 4 natural regions: Andean zone, Pampa zone, Forest zone and Patagonian zone. Argentina is famous for its historical sites and also for its leather and suede products, which you can find all over the country.

But this amazing country is worldwide well known because of its love of food and cooking. The Argentinean cuisine takes advantage of the abundance and quality of its meats to prepare succulent “churrascos”. Also typical is the “parrillada” composed of different meats and sausages. The typical beverage is the “Mate”, an herbal tea prepared with the leaves of the tree with the same name. It is drunk in a wood container using a special tube for drinking mate.

Argentina and its people are very sensitive and passionate, and it is shown in its typical music: the Tango, a spirited rhythm with moving lyrics and charming dancing. The Tango passion permeates through the country and its people and it makes Argentina a very special place to visit.

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