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Global Choices is glad to be affiliated with the following travel organisations:

The British Educational Travel Association (BETA)

The British Educational Travel Association (BETA)

The British Educational Travel Association (BETA) is the umbrella body representing producers and suppliers of youth, student and educational travel related products.

As a member of BETA Global Choices is proud to offer a wide range of opportunities to work and travel abroad.

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Know before you go

Global Choices - Travel and live abroad

Going to live abroad is a major decision and you should obtain a wide range of information and advice before you go.

  • Travel advice by country
  • Find Embassies
  • Find a special mission
  • Find a foreign embassy in the UK
  • And so much more at

National Council for Work Experience

Subheadline National Council for Work Experience

The National Council for Work Experience (NCWE) promotes, supports and develops quality work experience for the benefit of students, employers and the economy.

Upon your sucessful completion of your internship at Global Choices, you will receive your Student Work Experience Certificate, issued by the National Council for Work Experience.

It is designed to be a record of your achievements and of the skills you have acquired through your work placement at your host company, listing the competencies you gained during your time at the host company and will also include:

  • Name of your company
  • Name of student
  • Details of achievements during placement

Learn more about National Council for Work Experience

Diversity Abroad

Diversity Abroad

Diversity Abroad is the leading global education organization which targets non-traditional students for international education opportunities. Founded in 2006 Diversity Abroad reaches high school, community college, university and graduate students for international education and other global exchange opportunities. Specifically Diversity Abroad targets student group who traditionally have not take advantage of opportunities provided through global education exchanges.

Global Choices fully supports this iniciative. We provide various opportunities available through global education exchanges to students from diverse economic, educational, ethnic and social backgrounds

Learn more about Diversity Abroad

We support

Reducing carbon emissions

Global Choices supports reducing carbon emissions

ClimateCare helps people like you make a difference to this unique planet, lowering business and individual carbon emissions because we all want to make the biggest impact we can in tackling climate change.

We do this by helping you reduce your CO2 emissions, giving you the advice you need to reduce your carbon footprint or calculate and buy carbon offsets through transparent projects in renewables and energy efficiency.

Visit "carbon calculators" page.

Responsible Travel

Global Choices supports responsible travel

As a traveller do you explore the world in all its facets? Learn about the cultures, people and environments that you visit? Respect and celebrate differences in customs, beliefs, and ways of life? Then you’re a Responsible Traveller!

Visit Responsible Travel on the web.

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