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Care about your Environment

Global warming is easily a term that everybody knows. But could everybody describe what it means as easily?

According to the 2007 Fourth Assessment Report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), global surface temperature increased about 0.74°C (or 1.33°F) during the 20th century.

This increase may not seem much or even unnoticeable. However, even this slightest increase in average temperature causes substantial harm to our nature. It is the direct cause of the world-wide rise of sea levels and a significant decrease of snow and ice extent
And although the debate is ongoing and controversial, most scientists agree that the global warming is a direct consequence of human behavior!

This is the reason why Global Choices is always striving to find new ways to increase climate awareness.

What Global Choices does

Global Choices always makes sure to keep an eye on the environment. There is a variety of ways in which Global Choices contributes to the environmental awareness of both employees as well as participants in Global Choices programs:

  • Global Choices does not print any brochures, leaflets, or pamphlets. We ensure that all information you need can be found on our website, by email or over the phone.
  • Global Choices uses recycled paper for most internal paperwork.
  • Global Choices asks employees to save as much energy, paper, and water as possible in the office as well as at home.
  • Global Choices informs participants of their programs to act as environmentally friendly as possible during their program, because even the smallest contribution can make a difference!

Find out more

Of course we can only provide a short overview here, but there are many resources around the web that contain information about climate change. If you are interested in more information about climate change and how to be environmentally friendly, you can start your research on one of the following pages:

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