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GREECE, Mediterranean paradise

Greece, the perfect conjunction of old and new

Greece has a population of 11 million people. The family roots of most of them come from the ancient Greece. The spoken language is a popular form of Greek but the “pure” one is still spoken in some reduced fields.

There are just 2 big areas: Salonika (Biblical Thessaloniki) and Athens, which hosts about a third of the country’s population. The rest of the other Greek cities are small and comfortable for all citizens and visitors who always enjoy different environments with the country. The terrain is mostly mountainous but there are also more than 2000 islands.

Museums, ancient ruins and other historical attractions are still the first things that come to our mind when thinking about Greece, but the country has much to offer to the visitors: amazing beaches with crystalline water, great nightlife, gorgeous landscapes… Greece has something for everyone.

Greece has a worldwide history by recently demonstrating its contemporary success during the 2004 Olympics. That’s why the Greek people are so proud of their past and present, and are always willing to show their country to visitors.

Greece is the perfect conjunction of old and new. Explore it from the mountains to the islands through the seas, winds and landscapes.

  • Knossos
  • Samarian Gorge
  • Epidaurus
  • Acropolis
  • National Archeological Museum of Athens
  • Mikines
  • Delphi
  • Olympia

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