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Programme cost

A registration programme fee of 90 USD must be paid to Global Choices once you’re accepted into the programme. The registration fee applies towards the balance of the programme fee.

The total fee for first time self-arranged applicants is 500 USD, including the booking fee. Total programme fee for self-arranged returning applicants is 380 USD, including booking fee.

  1. What is included in the fee
  2. What is not included
  3. Other costs
  4. SEVIS system
  5. Cancellation
  6. Pre-Placed Applicants

*Visa application fee at the US Embassy is not included. *SEVIS fee is not included.

What is included in the fee

  • Pre-selection orientation and interview;
  • Confirming camp placement offer, including stipend and room and board for the duration of the placement;
  • Documents to obtain a J-1 visa;
  • Camp USA participant handbook;
  • Camp USA T-shirt;
  • Assistance with transportation from New York City to camp;
  • Independent travel time after camp;
  • Certificate of Completion.

What is not included

  • Cost of travel (Self-Travel participants are responsible for their own travel but will receive a $550 travel supplement from their camps in addition to their stipends);
  • Cost of interview in your home country;
  • Visa processing and SEVIS fee;
  • Insurance – Global Choices will arrange insurance, but the participant is responsible for purchasing it;
  • Cost of travelling from the airport to the hostel;
  • Transportation back to New York City for the return flight;
  • Any daily living and personal expenses.

Other costs

All participants are required to purchase insurance. Global Choices will arrange the coverage for 3.5 months at a price of USD 157.50 (subject to change).

SEVIS fee has to be paid in addition to all programme fees. Currently this fee is $35 USD but may be subject to change.

SEVIS System (Student and Exchange Visitor Information System).

SEVIS has been set up by the U.S. government in an effort to keep track of all exchange visitors (J visas) and international foreign students (F & M visas) during their stay in the United States. SEVIS replaced an old manual, paper-driven procedure with an automated one in which real-time, accurate information is updated and maintained through the use of a web-based application. It has enabled schools and exchange programme sponsors to transmit electronic information and event notifications via the internet, to the Department of Homeland Security and the U.S. Department of State throughout exchange visitor’s and the student’s stay in the U.S All the J programme sponsors must comply with SEVIS rules & regulations and keep all of exchange visitors’ records up to date by U.S. law. Therefore, it is VERY IMPORTANT that our Camp USA participants report to us their arrival confirmation and U.S. home address within 7 days of their arrival in order for us to validate their programme in SEVIS and to remain in contact with us for any changes in the programme within 7 days. If a participant forgets this important requirement, s/he is going to be in danger of losing the programme sponsorship and may have the programme terminated. At our programme orientation sessions and through programme applications, our participants are given precise details and instructions about SEVIS.


  • The registration fee of 90 USD is non-refundable except if your application is not accepted by Global Choices, in which case a refund of 20 USD will be issued.
  • You must return the DS - 2019 form and submit proof in the case of a visa denial. Global Choices will refund you, less a 120 USD administrative fee.
  • You will forfeit 220 USD of the programme fee if you decide to cancel before June 15 and prior to a placement offer.
  • If you’re not yet placed and you cancel for a legitimate medical reason, Global Choices will give you a refund of the programme fee less a 60 USD administration fee upon presentation of documentation.
  • Global Choices reserves the right to suspend your participation in the programme in case of late payment, and this will cause you to forfeit the 90 USD registration fee.

Pre-Placed Applicants

  • In case of a visa denial, pre-placed applicants are entitled to a refund of everything except 200 USD (and any applicable late fees) once the DS-2019 form is returned.
  • If a pre-placed applicant decides not to come, a refund of everything except 150 USD (and any applicable late fees) will be issued after the DS-2019 form is returned.
  • If a camp placement does not work out, Global Choices will not find a new placement for that participant.
  • Under no circumstances will Global Choices issue a refund to a participant who has already entered the US.

Our Participants Speak / Testimonials

Daniel Philips - South Africa

"I want to thank you for making my trip a success and for being part of my experience. I have learned a lot at camp. I have learned to touch people's lives, I have learned to express myself and come out of my shell, and I have learned how to make a difference in people's lives. One camper's family thanked me for changing their grandson's life after camp and told me how happy and different he was after camp. That was when I realized that I have achieved something that I will never trade for anything in life"

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