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Is there a time limit for the Internship?

The minimum period of internships is six weeks. However, in majority cases the internships are from 6 to 12 months.

What if I'm not a native English speaker?

You will need sufficient English to be able to perform your duties and work efficiently in the working environment. Evidence of English language level required is IELTS 6 or TOEFL 550. You will limit your learning and opportunities if you do not have sufficient English.

Will I be paid for the Internship?

Candidates participating in the Professional Internship Program will not be paid for the internship - it is a voluntary non-paid training period. Candidates who are selected for the Hospitality Program will have internships arranged on a paid basis.

What does the Internship fee include?

The internship fee includes all expenses associated with the arrangement of the internship, supply of the necessary documents to gain visa approval for the internship, support and assistance with the visa application, regular counseling support services for the duration of your internship, monthly newsletters, regular events in selected locations and supply of the Performance Statement from your sponsoring trainer.

Is the application fee refundable?

The application fee of 500 GBP is a non-refundable administration fee for the services provided by Global Choices to process your application and commence work arranging your internship in the field of your choice. However, please notice that you pay an application fee only after your application form was confirmed together with our partners.

Can I get credit with my University for the Internship in Australia?

Yes, most of interns are completing their compulsory practical component of their university studies. Australian Internships will supply the necessary documents for your university to ensure that you gain credit for the internship completed in Australia.

Are there any special requirements needed to gain an Internship?

Yes, briefly these requirements include: o Details of completed or current studies listed in a current Resume colour photo must be inserted in resume o Statement of results from your University (academic records) o Statement indicating that the internship is a requirement of your course or that it is endorsed and supported by the University and/or an employer. o Statement of Internship Objectives and how the internship relates to current studies or occupation o Evidence of financial support or training wage. This may be included in the home university letter, the training body letter or as a separate document. o Evidence of current Medical, Accident, Travel and Personal Liability Insurance not required if insurance has been requested with Australian Internships

How long will it take to arrange my Internship?

Usually it takes from four to six months to make the necessary arrangements for the internship and visa processing.

Can I travel in Australia before or after my Internship?

Yes, subject to the visa issued. You are generally provided with four weeks after your internship where you may travel in Australia; however just let us know if you have any special travel requests.

Can I obtain an Internship on another Visa?

Yes, you can complete an internship on a Working Holiday Visa if you are eligible for a working holiday visa. The internship duration must not exceed 6 months on a working holiday visa. If you are from one of the following countries you may be eligible for a working holiday visa: The table lists the countries and regions involved in the Working Holiday Program with Australia. If you hold a passport for one of these countries, you may be eligible to apply for this visa. A-F G-L M-Z Belgium Canada Cyprus, Republic of Denmark Estonia Finland France Germany HKSAR* Ireland, Republic of Italy Japan Korea, Republic of Malta Netherlands Norway Sweden Taiwan United Kingdom *Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China (includes British National Overseas passport holders).

Is there any specitification about arrival to Australia?

Participants must come to Australia with a non refundable, non cashable, return air ticket which they must use for their journey to and journey from Australia if they wish to make use of the lower price deducting $2,000.

Any specification about buying the tickets for the flight for Paid Professional Agricultural programme?

We ask for air bookings that arrive into Brisbane International between 6 and 9 am if possible on a Thursday morning they should definitely not be booked via Sydney because of the huge delays there.

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