Australia - Professional Internships


In order to be eligible to participate in the Australian Unpaid Professional Internship Programme, you must be

  • 19 to 30 years of age;
  • The internship field requested is directly related to your educational background;
  • Currently enrolled in a tertiary course, or
  • A recent graduate within 24 months of course completion;
  • Upper intermediate - advanced English language skills.

In order to be eligible to participate in the Paid Professional Internship Australia Programme, you must be:

  • 19 to 30 years of age;
  • Upper intermediate - advanced English language skills.
  • who are from ETA countries*

    and have at least 12 months experience working in the agricultural industry, including engineering, agronomy and agricultural tourism, as a professional skilled person in paid employment in the last three years;
  • OR are recent graduates that hold relevant training and educational qualifications OR are current students having completed at least half of a related course of study;
  • OR are from an agricultural background and have worked with animals on a professional basis for at least the last two years – these could include but are not limited to:- sheep shearers, veterinarian nurses and technicians, farriers, agricultural tourism and fishing farming, horse breakers, AI specialists and sheep or cattle dog trainers;
  • OR are from an agricultural / equine background and are fully competent in handling horses safely and possess practical experience in the daily care and maintenance of horses; this includes working with racehorses or thoroughbred breeding, competing in polo, polocrosse, eventing, showing or endurance riding.
  • who are from non ETA countries*

    and are recent graduates that hold relevant educational / training qualifications, including agricultural engineering, agricultural tourism and agronomy – and includes young people who have attended specific agricultural based high school.
  • * ETA countries are: Austria, Switzerland, Portugal, Spain, Greece, Iceland, USA and Poland. * Non ETA countries are: South Africa, Namibia, Argentina, Brazil, Moldova, Ukraine, Czech Republic
    1. Required documents
    2. Work permits and visa
    3. How to apply for a programme

    Required documents

      You will be required to provide the following:
    • A completed internship application form;
    • Current resume or Curriculum Vitae, sent by e-mail;
    • Statement of objectives, and how the internship relates to current studies or occupation, sent by e-mail;
    • Details of completed or current studies listed on an up-to-date resume, along with academic records from your university;
    • Evidence of financial support or training wage. This may be included in the home university letter, the training body letter or as a separate document. It may be a letter signed by the person supporting you financially for your stay in Australia. A rough estimate would be GBP 400 per month;
    • Statement indicating that the internship is a requirement of your course or that it is endorsed and supported by your university or employer;
    • Evidence of medical, accident, travel and personal liability insurance. Personal liability insurance is an essential requirement before you can undertake an internship in Australia;
    • A high level of English language proficiency is required prior to commencing your work placement. Evidence of English language level required is IELTS 6 or TOEFL 550 or equivalent.

    Work permits and visa

    Global Choices will advise and assist you with information on the most suitable visa options and provide you with all of the necessary supporting documentation for the process.

    This programme was developed to comply with the Australian Department of Immigration and Multicultural and Indigenous Affairs (DIMIA) visa requirements. DIMIA has extensive and detailed information available that is updated regularly and we encourage all interns considering Australia as their preferred destination to visit the DIMIA website.

    Working Holiday Visas for Unpaid Profesional Internship

    The Working Holiday Programme aims to promote international understanding, through helping young people experience the culture of another country. Australia has reciprocal working holiday maker arrangements with 14 countries: the United Kingdom, Canada, the Netherlands, Japan, Republic of Ireland, Republic of Korea, Malta, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) of the People’s Republic of China, Finland and the Republic of Cyprus.

    People who hold valid passports for most of these foreign countries are able to apply for a Working Holiday visa in any country. Applicants who hold a valid passport from Japan, the Republic of Korea, Malta, Germany, the HKSAR (or a British National Overseas passport) or the Republic of Cyprus, must apply in the country that issued the passport.

    Please refer to the DIMIA site for specific and up to date information on the Working Holiday Maker Programme.

    416 Special Programme Visa

    The Department of Immigration and Multicultural and Indigenous Affairs (DIMIA) has approved this internship programme for the Special Programme 416.

    Global Choices will issue the necessary documentation to suitable candidates so they are able to obtain the Special Programme Visa 416 - this visa option provides flexibility for periods of up to 12 months.

    Please watch this space for updates and the latest information on visa options for those wishing to complete an internship in Australia.

    How to apply for a programme

    Stage 1

    Submit a signed Application Form and supporting documents along with application fee. All the above documents are required to process the application for the Internship Programme. Additionally, evidence of medical, accident, travel and personal liability insurance in English will be required prior to the visa processing.

    Stage 2

    Global Choices will develop a Training Agreement with a suitable organisation. Allow a minimum of three months to process the application. We will confirm the internship options and provide details of the host employer. You will be notified of the position with the host employer and the confirmed start date for the internship. We will send the training agreement to you for your signature. It must be returned to Global Choices and the payment of all applicable fees must be made prior to the issue of the necessary visa documents.

    Stage 3

    Global Choices will provide an Invitation Letter and a copy of the DIMIA (Department of Immigration and Multicultural and Indigenous Affairs) Programme approval letter. Both documents are required to obtain the Special Programme 416 visa.

    Stage 4
      Pay the visa fee (Ј200) and submit the following documents:
    • Completed Form 147 (you can download it from website;
    • A scanned or photocopied passport (must be colour and all details must be easy to read);
    • Colour passport photos or scan (at least 4 if you’re sending them by post);
    • Health certificate and police clearance (please refer to the nearest Australian embassy for clarification on the requirements).

    Special Conditions may apply with regard to either health or police clearance. Please note applicants completing internships where security or health requirements are an issue may have to complete either a health check or a police clearance.

    1. If you are advised to obtain a police clearance, the completed document must be submitted with your application. If this applies, please allow 10 weeks for the 416 VISA application process. If you have completed military service, you will need to declare the exact dates.
    2. All applicants are required to meet health requirements. Formal health examinations may be requested depending on length of stay, whether you are likely to enter a classroom situation, or you are considered to be of “special significance” in terms of your health.
      Your health may be of special significance if you:
    • Are likely to enter a hospital or healthcare field (including nursing homes);
    • Are likely to be engaged in an Australian pre-school-aged childcare centre (including preschools and cr?ches) as either an employee or trainee; or
    • There are indications you may not meet the health requirement (please see attached the “Summary of Routine Health Examinations” to determine whether you will need a health examination by a panel doctor). If you think you may require a medical for any of the reasons specified above, please allow 8 weeks for the 416 VISA application process.

    You will then be contacted and issued with a “Letter of Grant” if successful. Applicants will fall into one of two categories, ETA (Electronic Travel Authority) and non-ETA applicants. Please ensure that you know which category you fall into as the departure process varies.

      Below is a list of ETA eligible countries:
    • Andorra;
    • Austria;
    • Belgium;
    • Brunei;
    • Canada;
    • Denmark;
    • Finland;
    • France;
    • Germany;
    • Greece;
    • Hong Kong;
    • Iceland;
    • Ireland;
    • Italy;
    • Japan;
    • Liechtenstein;
    • Luxembourg;
    • Malaysia;
    • Malta;
    • Monaco;
    • The Netherlands;
    • Norway;
    • Portugal;
    • Republic of San Marino;
    • Singapore;
    • South Korea;
    • Spain;
    • Sweden;
    • Switzerland;
    • Taiwan;
    • UK – British Citizen or;
    • UK – British National Overseas;
    • USA;
    • Vatican City.

    Departure process for applicants eligible for ETA visas: ETA applicants may depart their country of origin and enter Australia once they receive the “Letter or Grant”. There is no need to show your passport at the Australian Embassy prior to departure. Once in Australia you will be required to present your passport at the local Immigration Office. Please hand over your passport at the Business Express counter where they will stamp and validate it.

    Non-ETA applicants will be required to present or post their passport to the closest Australian Embassy after obtaining the “Letter of Grant” and prior to departure. The Immigration authorities at the Australian Embassy will stamp your passport to validate your visa. Please note that this is an express service and there will not be a lengthy processing time to obtain the stamp or validation of the visa.

Our Participants Speak / Testimonials

Katharina Uredat - Germany

“I really had a good time in Australia and learned a lot. I was satisfied with my host families and my work placement such as the possibility of the intern nights where you could meet many other interns and talk to the supervisors: Consequently you were really in contact with them and they were always ready to support!”

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