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How important is my Letter of Intention?

It is very important since your potential supervisors read all your documents, pay particular attention to your spelling and grammar. This is important if you are seeking placement in an internship that requires a lot of writing. Your application, essays, and other documents are the supervisor's first impression of you, so write them carefully.

What level of Spanish do I need to have in order to do an internship?

It is recommended that you have at least a high intermediate level of Spanish before starting the internship. You will be working in a Spanish-speaking environment and it is unlikely that you find people speaking your language. However, attitude and openness are often more important than language skills. If you have any questions about your language proficiency, do not hesitate to contact us. Our staff members can give you advise about your skills.

What is involved in the application process?

It is easy, but you should be organized and allow enough time to the process: send the transcript, write your Letter of Intent, ask for recommendations, etc. Our experienced staff will be helping and guiding you by e-mail or on the phone so that you complete this step successfully.

When will I know where I will be working?

Placing a student in an internship can take between two to ten weeks, depending on the type of internship requested. However, final confirmation of the internship normally depends on your first interview with your prospective supervisor.

How many hours a week does an internship require?

Participants usually work five days per week, no more than 6 hours per day according to each project. It is between you and the person who you are reporting to, to work out your schedule. Internships are flexible; but sometimes, projects can have deadlines, and you could be asked to work extra hours with the rest of the staff.

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