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The "Internships in Argentina" programme is a great way to enhance your resume and Spanish skills while gaining international work experience. As a participant you can choose a work placement with an organisation or company in a position related to your field of study. Work placements are available in almost every field of study.

The "Internships in Argentina" programme runs throughout the year, but for some fields there are periods of low activity during the summer months, which last from December to February. Global Choices can arrange internships in the following locations: Buenos Aires, Cordoba, Mendoza, Bariloche, and Ushuaia.

Both you and your host institution will benefit since you can exchange knowledge and ideas that will help you to develop within your profession. You will also gain self-confidence, improve your Spanish and be able to live in a different working environment whilst learning new skills from participating in various projects.

Summary of Conditions

Internship in Argentina - Summary of Conditions
Type of job Internship placements in various fields.
Salary (other benefits) Unpaid positions.
Accommodation Homestay, hostels or shared accommodation.
Location of job placement Buenos Aires, Cordoba, Mendoza, Bariloche, and Ushuaia.
Duration of the placement 2-6 months.
When to apply? The programme is available all year round. Applications must be submitted 10-12 weeks before the programme start.
Eligibility. Who can apply? You must be 18 years old; have started or completed a university programme; be able to speak intermediate level of Spanish.
Application process in more detail.
Visa Required Visa is not required for participants from a country included in the Schengen Agreement. Other participants must obtain a tourist visa for a maximum stay of 3 months which can be extended in Argentina.
Programme cost Booking fee: €190
Programme fee: from €690 (depending on internship field and location)
Check programme cost and refunds policy
Cancellation Check programme cost and refunds policy
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The number of placements for our internships is unlimited. Candidates are carefully selected based on their profiles and in the same way we recruit companies and organisations most suitable for you to develop your professional objectives.

Based on many years of experience in the field of intercultural programmes, our Argentinean team is continually seeking new internship opportunities to suit the interests and needs of our participants.

Placement details: type of placement

If you wish to apply for an internship in Argentina you have an option to choose from two types of programmes and also combine a Spanish language course with your placement. Please check the details.


As an intern, you decide the duration of your programme. For this to be a truly positive experience, all positions are organized based on a minimum term of eight weeks and a maximum of six months. Our host institutions are very flexible with regard to the starting date, and we always try to adjust them to both the intern’s needs and arrival date.

Please note: For placements in law there is no activity in January and February, and in the education area there is no activity from December to February. There is also a two-week break in the middle of July for winter vacation.

If you’re interested in healthcare, your activities will be limited to shadowing the local professional. You will not interact directly with the patients under any circumstances, even if you have professional training (doctor, nurse, paramedic degree) in your home country.

Our Participants Speak / Testimonials

Bamidele Olatunbosum – USA

“This summer my friend Caleb and I worked in a private hospital on an internship. Some of the medically related activities were shadowing doctors in a primary care physician’s office, observing and assisting in an intensive care unit, observing births both live and cesarean, and observing a multitude of surgeries. This pretty much sums up what we did this summer. All this was obviously done in Spanish and with many different doctors”

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