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Internship programme types

Standard Internships

Through Global Choices Standard Internships, participants apply for a pre-determined placement. We offer positions in a wide variety of professional areas in host companies and organizations. Our host institutions will provide participants with a placement according to their studies and experience.

Global Choices and the host institution will decide on the intern’s position based on availability at the time of application, as well as on the information profile submitted by the intern on the application form.

The aim of this programme is for participants to get the opportunity to have an intercultural experience in their professional field of work.

Customised Internships

In the Customized Internship Programme, the search for a position is done specifically to satisfy the participant’s expectations and needs. You define the area in which you would like to develop your professional skills, and the position you would like to take based on the tasks you want to perform. We will consider the Application Form and the needs outlined, and our search will be oriented towards meeting your requirements, as well as related to the offerings of the Argentinean companies and organisations.

The main difference between our Customised Internships and our Standard Internships is that for the former we carry out a personalised search according to the participant’s requirements, and for the latter the participant applies for an existing position within our host institutions. This is why it is important to specify on the application form the area of work you prefer as well as the tasks you would like to carry out.

If you are interested in doing the Customised Internship please send us your resume and a letter of intent with the description of the internship you would like to perform.

We also recommend that you include two alternative options. Global Choices will assign you a position that matches one of your three options, and will immediately inform you through the Internship Confirmation Form.

Empowerment Internships

The distinctive characteristic of this programme is that it accredits theoretical and practical training whilst developing specialised skills in a specific field through real practical experience. The participants will receive academic support and will learn how to adapt to a culturally different working environment, full of challenges and opportunities.

    With our Empowerment Programme participants can choose among the following options:
  • Getting a training course in the particular field of study and complementing it with an internship in an organization where the participants will be given the opportunity to further their knowledge and skills through work experience;
  • Carrying out a research project in your area of study, complemented by practical experience. You can, for example, complete your research at university with the help of a professional and conduct your practical experience as part of your field work for your paper at university or as post doctoral work. The difference with the Empowerment Internship is that you gain more relevant experience and professional training, which will increase your career possibilities. The tasks within the programme include working with the host company on research projects that you may already be performing, or would like to explore deeper.

It is advisable that you bring with you enough money to live on for food and travel costs etc. Arrange your flight and travel in advance, after we inform you about arrival dates. Take out travel insurance for the duration of your stay. Check that your ID card and/or passport will not expire during your stay in Argentina.

Our Participants Speak / Testimonials

Bamidele Olatunbosum – USA

“This summer my friend Caleb and I worked in a private hospital on an internship. Some of the medically related activities were shadowing doctors in a primary care physician’s office, observing and assisting in an intensive care unit, observing births both live and cesarean, and observing a multitude of surgeries. This pretty much sums up what we did this summer. All this was obviously done in Spanish and with many different doctors”

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