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The first things that come to most minds whenever Australia is mentioned are kangaroos, surfing and aborigines. Australia is often perceived as the most desirable holiday destination, but also a very remote one. If you’re going to work as you travel to finance the trip, you’ll realise that it is not easy to make all your travel arrangements on your own. Don’t waste your precious time on sorting out such things as banking, jobs, tax file number, accommodation, mobile phone, tax refund, etc. Instead, simply apply for the “Working Holiday Australia” package for complete peace of mind.

You have the option of choosing from four exotic and fun-filled packages. You will be provided assistance with finding jobs in the hospitality sector, sales and marketing, office support, fruit picking, farm & country work, manual labour and trades. All packages come with the following benefits: Welcome Dinner; 12 Months Mail Holding Service; Party & Discount Cards; Tax-File Number; Bank Account; Mobile SIM; Job Search Assistant; Furnished Share Accommodation Tour and Free Internet Access.

List of Working Holiday in Australia Packages:

  1. Type 1 – Working Holiday City Tours
  2. Type 2 – Working Holiday Queensland Area

Working Holiday City Tours

This option lets you choose from three different Australia's cities and have some fun there for a couple of nights while our orientation team helps with finding a job and also shows how Working Holiday Australia is going to be the best experience you will ever have.

Working Holiday City Tours
Sydney Brisbane Melbourne
Multi-share dorm accommodation including continental breakfast
Airport transfer to the hostel
12 month Job membership of awesome job offers
Australian bank account
Australian mobile phone SIM card
Tax file number
Medicare card (countries that qualify
Taxback (get your Australian tax back)
Visa & immigration assistance (2nd year visa/sponsorship)
Long term accommodation service - -
Package cost
2 nights AUD 390
4 nights AUD 440
7 nights AUD 540
Type of placements
  • Hospitality & Tourism;
  • Retail;
  • Childcare/Au Pair/Nanny;
  • Admin/Office/Secretarial
  • Construction;
  • Telecommunication and Sales;
  • Fruit picking/Farming/Seasonal.
  • APPLY for the programme & BOOK online!

    Working Holiday Queensland Area

    This package includes the First Nine Days Package in the rural area of Australia - the time to get know Australian culture, job features and also have some fun.

    Programme options: Classic Hospitality Working Holiday Agricultural Working Holiday
    Type of placement Hospitality industry (rural pub and hotel) or vineyard and cellar door. Agricultural industry: agriculture bike riding; stock horse riding; tractor driving and operation; cattle work on horseback and on foot; fencing, chain saw & lots of information work; outback, farm and rural safety, vehicle maintenance and etc.
    Start date Every Thursday apart from four weeks over Christmas and possible one week in late June/early July
    Best placement time All year round, except mid December to mid January
    Duration 12 months, but not less than 2 months
    Wages ~ AUD 350 per week
    Hours Mostly as many as participant wants
    Additional service upon arrival The First Nine Days Package
    Programme cost
  • Booking fee – AUD 700 (booking fee applies towards programme fee).
  • Programme fee – AUD 2490
  • APPLY for the programme & BOOK online!

      The First Nine Days Package:

    • Meeting at Brisbane Airport on arrival
    • Transport into the city
    • 1 night’s accommodation in Brisbane
    • 3 nights at Rainbow for recovery, sun, surf, sea and sand
    • 5 days agriculture or hospitality course, with all meals and accommodation included
    • Group Welcome Lunch
    • 500 km Greyhound bus pass
    • Training course
    • A hat, T-shirt and water bottle
    • Information Booklet; loads of useful advice before arrival
    • Directions to Immigration for visa label insertion
    • 1/2 day administration, shopping (accommodation & all meals
    • Arrangement of tax file number, Medicare cards and bank accounts
    • Guaranteed job offers
    • Advice on Tax returns and Superannuation
    • Back up, support, help and advice throughout your membership period
    • Freecall emergency number
    • Discounted travel, insurance, hostel and tour booking service


    The wages that you will earn depends mainly on your chosen work branch and your skills and experience in it. Thus salary changes depends on the positions and locations but it is always around AUD 18 to AUD 20 per hour. This is equivalent to £7 to £8 per hour. Please, pay attention if you choose Working Holiday Queensland Area, your salary will be about AUD 10-15 per hour. But you have to remember that this package give you a training course so that you gain some experience before starting your placement.

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