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H-2B job description

You are interested in a seasonal job in the U.S.? But it is difficult to find an employer and accommodation on your own... Take our assistance and you will get accomodation, the plane ticket, local transportation and the job for free! You will be provided with all the necessary services and information to make your trip as easy and convenient as possible.
Most employers in the US are country clubs, hotels and resorts, Most offered positions are in the hospitality sector.

Your advantages will be...

  • You will earn a salary of $5 – $9 per hour plus tip shares (depending on the employer);
  • Meals are provided during shift hours (depending on the employer);
  • Transportation to and from work (depending on the employer);
  • Uniforms (except shoes – which must be black, non-skid, depending on the specific requirement of your prospective employer));
  • Plane ticket;
  • Accommodation is arranged by the employer at a weekly fee of $85 – $95 (for shared accommodation) and deduced from paycheck. 3 bedroom furnished apartments with two participants per room. One and two bedroom apartments may be available at a higher cost (depending on the employer).

General information about H2B Work Programme

Also known as the H2B Visa Programme, the H2B Work Programme is designed for seasonal non-agricultural non-immigrant workers who are genuinely interested in temporary employment in the USA for a period not exceeding 12 months. Global Choices places participants throughout the United States of America in several occupational categories.

Programmes begin throughout the year, and Global Choices will provide all the documentation for your H2B visa. You will live with other participants in shared houses, depending on the type of employment.

We are looking to place each participant in a job or position based upon interest and skills. However, it is very important that you are flexible about the type of work you will be doing. The positions that are generally available include manual labour, ice cream truck drivers, landscaping, housekeeping and much more.

Type of job

By law, H2B workers are only permitted to work for the certified employer who filed a petition for their services with the US Immigration and Naturalization Service. They are not allowed to work for any other employer during their stay in the US. This way the American business gains qualified and dedicated employees during peak times. Employees may remain in the U.S. for up to 12 months, during temporary, high work volume periods. The participants gain an insight into American business whilst making a modest wage.

Our Participants Speak / Testimonials

Maria - Colombia

"Now I am going to my home country, Colombia, with the best memories after one year in the USA. Besides the great work experience which allowed me to gain valuable international experience, I also learned to live in another culture and cope with a different environment. Through this H2B program I had the opportunity to immerse and discover the US culture from the inside"

Global Choices. Contact information

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